7 Horror Movie Villains That Just Wanted A Little Justice

Bloody retribution...

DreamWorks Pictures

When it comes to characterizing the essential difference between good and evil, between heroes and villains, we often find that the line that divides both forces is blurry and undefined. Heck, sometimes the line isn’t even there at all.

In that sense, the decision to classify something as fair or unfair is left entirely, as it happens many times in the real world, to the discretion of the beholder. That’s right, it is left up to you, to all of us.

The same principle applies in the dark worlds of horror cinema.

In this twisted realm of terrifying stories and unbelievable tales, there are demented heroes willing to sacrifice everything and everyone for the pursuit of their own ideals of justice, while there are also terrible villains that stumble upon noble intentions somewhere along their evil life path (or after life).

Indeed, within the convoluted stitchings of the horror movie spider web, there are those who have sided with the forces of evil in order to get some sweet and well deserved retaliation. These are 7 horror movie villains that just wanted a little justice. Everybody deserves that, right?


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