7 Horror Movie Villains That Just Wanted A Little Justice

7. Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street)

New Line Cinema

Let’s get one thing clear from the start: Freddy Krueger never was and will never be someone remotely close to being a nice man, much less a fair man. Considered as one of horror cinema’s most cringe worthy villains, due to the heinous crimes he perpetrated against innocent children, he is not a character that generates any kind of sympathy among the audience. He was a demon even before dying and plummeting straight to the black abyss of Hell.

That being said, what a painful and unforgettable ending for his mortal body.

After the parents of several children discover what the criminal has been up to in his secret room, they decide to take justice in their own hands by offering him to the blazing flames of the school's boiler, the very same school where Freddy worked as a janitor. Once the boiler’s door is shut, the parents stay and watch the last moments of the person that has caused them the biggest pain of their lives, a communal act that can almost be considered cathartic.

Only hang on, whatever happened to the right to a fair trial?

They watch as Freddy’s screams quiet down and the flesh melts off his bones. Without them knowing it, they’ve only made things worse. Due to his horrible death, the soul of the child killer is consumed by ravenous demons that offer Krueger the chance to get back at those who ended his life in such a cruel fashion. A sort of evil justice, no doubt, specially if we consider that Freddy decides to exact his revenge against the remaining children of the bunch. Not against the guilty parents, but once again against the innocent. Still, it's justice in his eyes.


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