7 Horror Movies Where Scientists Are To Blame For Everything

Nice going, brainiacs!

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Throughout the entirety of human history, the brave men and women who have dipped their hands into the mysteries of groundbreaking experiments and unknown substances have been admired, sometimes even revered, for their accomplishments and strides towards the betterment of humankind.

If it wasn’t for scientists and their ingenious crafts, there probably wouldn’t be a device for you to read this article on. No science equals no cinema, no video games, no comfy life as we know it. And probably major portions of the populous would be very ill due to unrelenting sickness and infections. You know: vaccines, antibiotics and that whole medical fuzz.

Cinema has rightly celebrated those scientific greats over the years, too. We've seen their exploits and breakthroughs championed in some great films. But they aren't the whole story.

Because we're also terrified of the idea of over-reaching - see Icarus, Frankenstein et al - there are also bad eggs who turn science into a dark art and a gateway to evil.

7. Hollow Man

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One of Kevin Bacon’s most misunderstood and shocking roles (he didn't quite understand it himself, apparently), Hollow Man is a hidden treasure that every horror movie fan should add to their must watch list. In this film, scientist Sebastian Cane (Bacon) and his team develop a serum with the never before seen capability (get it?) of turning organic matter invisible. Well done, guys, now what do we do with it?

After a successful test of the invisibility elixir is conducted on a gorilla, the ambitious Cane pushes for an immediate human trial on his own body. This hasty decision turns out to be a terrible mistake when the team fails to bring him back to his original state. That’s when all kind of creepy unseen shenanigans start occurring, such as rape and murder, right along Cane’s psychological and emotional deterioration.

Throw in an unnecessary romantic triangle (watch out for a then-relatively unknown Josh Brolin), slowly sprinkle Cane’s unstable hyperactive mind and you’ll get the perfect formula for a horror movie that feels both disturbing and hilarious.

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