7 Horror Movies Where Scientists Are To Blame For Everything

6. Jurassic Park

Herbert West Reanimator

Don’t let the innocent animated mascot fool you (Mr. DNA, was it?), Jurassic Park is not a happy place of learning and scientific discovery. If you reflect upon it for a second, bringing wild prehistoric beasts back to life just isn’t a well thought out idea. When you were born, giant spiders and overgrown sloths weren’t a thing anymore, so why would anyone want to bring back one of the few species that can actually contend for our place in the food chain?

During the events of the movie that inaugurated this franchise, scientists prove to be naive yet well intended when it comes to conceiving theme parks for family entertainment. No doubt, watching a T-Rex feed must have been a glorious sight, but now there aren't enough millions to get someone close to one of those horrific reptilian kings.

Not even common sense is a deterrent in the way of scientific innovation and so the team of geniuses employed by Jurassic Park deliver exactly what they had promised. A park full of fangs and claws; a place dominated by the feral instincts of struggle and hunger and OF COURSE it goes wrong. Primal creatures come along with primal instincts. And they did it to themselves, spending so much time wondering if they could do it and none wondering if they should.

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