7 Horror Sci-Fi Films To Watch Before Alien Covenant

In space, no-one can hear you scream...


Between the recent releases of the trailer and the four-minute prologue, there's been a considerable amount of flavour for Alien: Covenant being revealed as of late; and it all looks pretty interesting.

Marking what appears to be a return to its roots, Alien: Covenant is set to see the franchise embrace the claustrophobic horror, terrifying creature design and Freudian imagery that made the original film such a classic, while further expanding the scope of the larger Alien mythology fans were treated to in the polarising Prometheus.

In addition to this, the franchise will finally see the return of original Alien director Ridley Scott, helming his first all out Alien film since the 1979 original.

Alien: Covenant will release in the UK on 19th May 2017, and while that's only two short months away, it may feel considerably more distant than that for die-hard fans of the Alien franchise. If you're looking to whet your appetite for the movie's release however, it may be time to sink your teeth into some other genre favourites from over the years...


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