7 Horror Sci-Fi Films To Watch Before Alien Covenant

6. Splice

Alien Covenant
Warner Bros.

Splice tells the story of two genetic engineers, Clive and Elsa, as they attempt to create a human-animal hybrid as a means of furthering scientific discovery. After succeeding in their task without the authority of their superiors, the pair decide to hide the rapidly aging creature in a nearby barn, acting as the creation's parents. Of course, things don't quite go to plan; and as the creature grows and changes, Clive and Elsa realise they may have made a huge mistake.

Directed by Vincenzo Natali, there's very few lines this film will not cross. With several shocking, disturbing twists and turns throughout the movie, the film is packed with moments that won't leave you any time soon. As for the film's central creature, it lands firmly in uncanny valley territory, with great creature design that's sure to unsettle.

While the movie seems to abandon its central themes towards the end in favour of frights, there's still a lot of fun to be had here; so make sure to give it a look if you're after a shocking creature feature to tide you over until Alien: Covenant.


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