7 Legitimate Reasons Why Cats Isn't As Bad As You Think

Despite all popular belief, this film does have some merits that aren't being discussed.


It's crucial to start this article by saying that this is by no means an attempt to claim that Cats is good. It's a mess, and the reception it's received is mostly valid. That being said, the disdain for this film means that plenty of things are being overlooked. After all, it is important to highlight what the film actually does right as well as what it does wrong.

Yes, the cats themselves look horrible, that is undeniable; the narrative is strange, and there is no need for the performers to be acting in the weird ways that they do. However, shockingly there are some sides to the film that should have received more positive attention. Because despite being the train wreck that it is, it's not without its genuine elements.

At the very least, if the goal of a movie is to get people talking and be remembered, then this project has succeeded more substantially than many respected pieces of media.

There hasn't been another film that was so clearly doomed since it's announcement. Many were expecting it to be terrible, and it was, but critics and audience goers are ignoring some surprisingly strong aspects. They may not save the film, but they deserve to be addressed.

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