7 Perfect Time Travel Movies (And 7 That Sucked)

6. Groundhog Day

Columbia Pictures

Has there ever been a more clever use of time travel than this gem? This is Harold Ramis and Bill Murray's masterpiece, a film that is as good as any film produced in the 1990's, and proves to be more enjoyable with every viewing. For those who have somehow missed this classic, the premise sees grumpy weather man Phil Connors reliving the same day over and over again in the small town of Punxsutawney, the home of 'Groundhog Day' celebrations.

Murray is phenomenal in the lead role, realising his character's gradual transition from pantomime villain to genuinely nice guy. The repetition of the day's events and the manner in which Phil deals with this never changing situation makes for a great film experience in itself, but there is so, so much more going on.

The film's real treasure is seeing the effort Phil must make to undertake genuine change, the film never allowing the character an easy way out, even when he tries. The film delivers a great message about the way men should interact with women, most notably that treating the fairer sex with respect and without motive will prove rewarding for all.

The film utilises dark humour in Phil's repeated suicidal scenes and the topic of mortality is addressed in a heartfelt manner, but without taking away from the film's overall joyous tone. The final scenes in which Phil undertakes a series of tasks to help the townsfolk of Punxsutawney, events he has clearly undertaken many times previous, is as heartwarming a finale as any film has delivered.


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