7 Things James Gunn Has To Fix In Suicide Squad 2

5. Dark Humour

james gunn guardians of the galaxy

Maybe not so dark as the type he was fired for, but the first movie was strangely lacking in this department. There were a few one liners, but all in all the movie never really knew what its tone was. This could be Gunn’s biggest, if most subtle, change to make.

In truth, the movie seemed more focussed on impressing with its comedy than it did with making us laugh. The trailer with a Bohemian Rhapsody gun fight or Deadshot’s meta-breaking ‘some kinda Suicide Squad’ both are testament to this.

Guardians Of The Galaxy though was laugh out loud funny at times. Whether it was Peter slowly raising his middle finger, his ‘dick message’ or the dance off, and that’s not even mention Rocket’s leg stealing schemes.

And if you’re not aware of Gunn’s other work, you should know Guardians is tame. Super sees star Rain Wilson get his head peeled open by God, while Slither sees a woman inflated to a disgusting huge size after being infested with alien slugs. And that scene is played for laughs.

Something tells us Gunn will have no problem finding the humour in Suicide Squad’s twisted characters.


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