7 X-Men That Badly Need Recasting and Who Should Play Them

7. Cyclops

It€™s not that I think James Marsden is THAT bad in the role of Cyclops, however, having appeared in the original three X-Men movies as the leader of the X-Men (arguably the most iconic X-Man) he didn€™t exactly make much of an impact. Sure, this is probably not entirely his fault, more the screenwriter€™s inability to write for the character, but still, some blame has to fall on the actor. I think the biggest problem with Marsden unfortunately, is that though he has appeared in a lot more roles than you think (and is currently great as Liz Lemons boyfriend on 30 Rock) he doesn€™t really have the star power needed to pull off such an iconic role. Sure, you could argue that neither Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans had the star power to be Thor and Captain America although they both did a pretty good job, however, considering how famous Hugh Jackman became after appearing as Wolverine in the same movies, maybe there is simply something wrong about James Marsden that he didn€™t cause much of an impact when Hugh Jackman shot to the A List. If I had to pick one reason why Marsden wasn€™t as good as he could have been (probably why the writers of X2 weren€™t inspired to write for him and why he was so expendable in The Last Stand) is the fact that he isn€™t the most commanding or intimidating actor, and for this reason, difficult to see leading an army of super powerful mutants. Who Should Play Them: Ryan Gosling. Believe it or not, I€™ve actually put a lot more thought into this answer than you might expect. Yes, he was arguably the biggest star of last year with his amazing performance in Drive and many peoples Sexiest Man in Hollywood so it might seem like somewhat of an obvious choice, but Cyclops deserves star power, and an actor who can really act. Plus, I don€™t know about you, but Gosling isn€™t the most stereotypical Hollywood leading man, and has a sort of edgy, gritty quality to him which may make it more believable that he is a leader of an army. Also, he seems like a nice guy, and has a good looking geek quality to him which is perfect for the role of Cyclops.

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