7 X-Men That Badly Need Recasting and Who Should Play Them

6. Storm

I was never really a fan of Halle Berry for the role of Storm. Halle Berry€™s acting abilities are so-so. Sometimes she is great (Monster€™s Ball), sometimes absolutely terrible (Catwoman), but the reasons why I€™m not a fan of Halle for Storm isn€™t really anything thing to do with how she acts the part. Storm is fierce in the comics and basically has the power of a God. She looks like the type of character who should command a lot of respect, and make even the most powerful of the X-Men intimidated. Halle Berry, although pretty, doesn€™t really have the same presence, and is certainly no match for Wolverine. She was once the queen of the fictional African nation of Wakanda and was married to the Black Panther. This character deserves respect. Who Should Play Them: Angela Bassett (known for the role of Stella in How Stella Got Her Groove Back and recently seen in the Green Lantern movies). Perhaps a left field choice, but look her up€ this actress looks like Storm, at least how I always imagined her. And yes, she is an older actress, and Storm in the comics probably isn€™t supposed to be in her fifties, but I don€™t know about you but I always imagined Storm as an older woman (it was probably the white hair that did it). Plus, this actress can act€ really act, and is even strong enough to go up against Meryl Streep (Music of The Heart) and arguably outperform her. Plus, despite being in her 50€™s, she€™s still smoking hot. However, if star power is what you are going for (and staying relevant with the kids), I guess€ maybe€ Beyoncé? At least she€™s fierce€ Sasha Fierce.

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