8 Actors Who Played Multiple Roles In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

3. Tony Curran

Bor Finn Cooley Thor Daredevil
Marvel Studios/Fox

First Role: Bor in Thor: The Dark World

Second Role: Finn Cooley in Daredevil

Another Daredevil alum, Tony Curran's role as ginger gangster Finn Cooley in season two of the show was not his first appearance in the MCU - though, given that the character had his face blown off, it's probably his last.

Rather, Curran was first seen in Thor: The Dark World as Bor, Thor's granddaddy, in the Dark Elves versus Asgardians smackdown from the film's opening. Bor dies offscreen, leaving the throne open for his son Odin to assume.

Incidentally, Curran also appeared in X-Men: First Class, as an agent at the Division X facility who's killed by Sebastian Shaw. So, based on all this evidence, if Curran does appear in another comic-book movie, you can safely mark him for death.


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