8 Actors Who Went To Extreme Lengths For Films No One Watched

6. Aaron Eckhart Lives A Terrible Lie - Rabbit Hole

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Despite earning strong enough reviews upon its release in 2010, the movie adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize winning play, Rabbit Hole, didn't make that much of a splash with general audiences at the cinema. However, Aaron Eckhart wasn't to know that this Nicole Kidman-starring drama, about a couple dealing with the death of their young son, would end up being seen by very few.

So, the actor went to rather controversial lengths in order to get into the mind of a grieving parent. He revealed during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show that he pretended to have lost a child whilst attending a real-life support group for parents genuinely dealing with this sort of tragedy.

While the actor did admit that it was "rude" of him to go to those extremes for a character, he also noted that he found himself getting lost whilst recounting the story to the rest of the group:

"You really believe that you just lost a child. You are as close to reality in that sense as possible. I don't want to be rude to people who have lost a child, but yeah, you feel right there, you feel like your character."

It's hard to justify lying about such a harrowing event, to a room full of people actually going through it for real, just to find a little more truth in your performance. But, the fact Eckhart did this for a film that was quickly forgotten about makes the whole thing just that little bit more unnecessary.


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