8 Actors Who Went To Extreme Lengths For Films No One Watched

4. Sean Penn Actually Beat Up John Leguizamo - Casualties Of War

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When it comes to the art of method acting, there's always a fine line between being completely devoted and just being a complete d*ck.

Sean Penn found himself on the latter side of things whilst shooting a particularly intense scene during the making of Casualties of War in the late 80s. During the sequence in question, Penn's character was required to hit John Leguizamo's during a confrontation. Yet, instead of using the art of stage combat and movie trickery, Penn decided to whack his co-star for real.

As Leguizamo put it:

"Sean Penn is a sergeant and we kidnap this Vietnamese girl and we gotta gang rape her and my character refuses and Sean’s gotta slap me into submission, and of course, Sean doesn’t believe in stage combat because he’s too method for that s**t, so he’s slapping me for real."

Then, after multiple takes of Leguizamo being genuinely smacked in the face by Penn, the scene was ultimately cut from the finished movie. So, not only did Penn choose to batter his colleague for a movie that didn't make back its budget at the box office, but even if waves of people did come to see it, they still wouldn't have witnessed the moment Leguizamo was legitimately beaten up for. How rude.


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