8 Actors Who Will Ruin Their Upcoming Movies

1. Will Smith - Deadshot (Suicide Squad)

Overall, the recent casting announcement for David Ayer's Suicide Squad's is pretty solid. Jared Leto is probably the best person who could play the Joker, Margot Robbie will no doubt define Harley Quinn forever and it's about time Tom Hardy headed up a proper blockbuster. Sure, Jai Courtney as Boomerang is a bit perplexing, but at least there's no legacy for him to f**k up. There is one strange outlier in all this, however, which sticks out like a sore thumb; Will Smith as Deadshot. Seriously, that's not a joke addition or anything - Will Smith has actually been cast as the famed marksman and Batman villain in DC's anti-hero team-up. The same Will Smith who hasn't been culturally relevant for ten years, yet still believes himself to be one of the biggest, important and most revered actors in Hollywood. You can be forgiven for heavily raised eyebrows. Ignoring how out of nowhere the casting seems, it also posits the likely weak link in Suicide Squad's chain. Since Independence Day, Smith has had a specific style that has dominated his movies (in certain cases even leading to drastic re-writes), meaning he's never playing far from Will Smith. And, as evidenced in After Earth, he actually doesn't have the ability to play anything else. So either way it's done, Deadshot is a lost cause. Just like Ben Affleck's appointment as Batman was allegedly done with an eye for him directing something in the DC Cinematic Universe, perhaps there's more to Smith's casting than meets the eye. Could Jaden be set for an appearance in the series down the line, with his Dad's inclusion sowing the seeds? There's scope for a young Robin, after all. And that's the reason why you should be most worried about this. Which other upcoming movies have made some questionable casting decisions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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