8 Continuity Flaws That Ruin A Film Series During A Binge Watch

When retcons go wrong.

Billy Dee Williams Tommy Lee Jones Harvey Dent
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Thanks to the rise of DVD boxsets and Netflix, binge-watching a TV or movie series has become a big thing. There’s nothing better than sitting down for a lazy Saturday and tearing through hours of quality entertainment, with your only concerns being toilet breaks or running out of snacks.

While this is clearly a productive use of your free time, watching movies back to back often comes with its own issues. Even franchises that are careful to keep track of continuity often slip up, while others have glaring errors that become crystal clear if the movies are played one after the other.

It could be key characters disappearing or being replaced with a new actor, a major storyline being forgotten or the timeline becoming impossibly messy. The longer a series has run the more likely these cracks will appear, and while they may not spoil the experience they can definitely take you out of it.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest continuity gaffs, and how they can spoil the binging experience.

8. Rocky's Son Ages Six Years In Less Than A Week - Rocky V

Billy Dee Williams Tommy Lee Jones Harvey Dent

Rocky is about the life journey of a man that also happens to have some boxing in it. Rocky is the underdog who wins against the odds, falls in love, lets success go to his head and while he loses his fortune, his fighting spirit never leaves.

It’s good to binge the Rocky boxset every few years and get an overdose of manly feels, though Rocky V spoils the fun in more ways than one. Stallone famously hates it, and while fans have differing takes on which sequel is best – Rocky IV, obs – part five is universally considered the weakest.

Rocky’s son also undergoes one hell of a growth spurt. At the end of part four he’s seven years old, and at the beginning of Rocky V he’s fourteen, despite being set about a week later. This was so Stallone’s own son Sage could take the role, and while the logic is sound it’s mighty distracting.


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