8 Continuity Flaws That Ruin A Film Series During A Binge Watch

7. Harvey Dent Changes Face In More Ways Than One - Batman Forever

Billy Dee Williams Tommy Lee Jones Harvey Dent
Warner Bros.

Silky smooth Billy Dee Williams accepted the role of Harvey Dent in Batman for the explicit reason of playing Two-Face some day, and assumed it was a done deal. However, Dent isn’t featured in Batman Returns – though a cameo was mooted – and when Tim Burton left the franchise, Williams was suddenly out of the loop.

Forever is meant to be in the same continuity as the first two movies – hence the returning actors for Alfred and Commissioner Gordon – but the tone is much lighter. The studio also made the decision to hire a bigger star for Two-Face, so Tommy Lee Jones was brought on instead.

Not the best choice in retrospect, since Jones’ attempt to outshine Jim Carrey make him hard to watch. It’s a hell of a leap to accept Harvey Dent turned into Jones between sequels too, and the actor's unbearable performance makes you wish they’d stuck with Billy Dee; even if it didn’t work, he couldn’t have done much worse.


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