8 Deleted Movie Scenes That Completely Change Classic Characters

5. Quint Goes To The Music Store - Jaws

Quint Robert Shaw Jaws
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Robert Shaw gives his best screen peformance in Steven Spielberg's classic, Jaws, playing a grizzled shark hunter who will stop at nothing to see the giant fish of the title strung up and turned into chum.

Shaw's peformance is an incredibly lively one; Quint's obsession with hunting down the 25 foot shark drives him to the brink of Nutsville, and even gets him killed. Still, though the movie paints Quint as something of an eccentric, I don't think we're ever supposed to think he's full-on mental. Not until the very end, anyway.

There is a deleted scene, however, that - had it been left in - would've changed Quint's character from eccentric to batsh*t crazy. In the scene, the fisherman goes to a music shop to buy some string and - hearing a kid trying to play a flute - proceeds to chastise the poor fella.

What the hell is going on here? At first, it seems like Quint is just helping the kid out, and then he starts babbling like a maniac. After that, the screaming begins.

Despite all his flaws, the film still allows you to have a degree of respect for Quint. He's a pro, after all, and he's been through a lot of sh*t (what with the U.S.S. Indianapolis sinking and such). Had Spielberg left this scene in, though, I'm not sure I'd look at Quint as anything other than a raving loony. Still, out of context, it's pretty funny.


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