8 Disturbing Times Actors Were Brought Back From The Dead By CGI

6. Oliver Reed (Gladiator)

Peter Cushing Rogue One

Ridley Scott's FX team on Gladiator had their work cut out.

Not only did they have Ancient Rome to recreate, they also had to recreate the late Oliver Reed's face from scratch.

Reed suffered a fatal heart attack while in the middle of shooting key scenes featuring his character Proximo, but his absence wasn't felt as heavily as it might have been thanks to a combination of rewrites, body doubles and CGI.

CGI in 2000 wasn't what it is today, but when you have $3.2 million to splurge on a single effect it's amazing what you can achieve. Plus dimming the lights in Reed's most subttainital remaining scene also helped.

The star's resurrection was an impressive feat in its day, but skillful directing and script rewrites were just as important to compensate for his absence.


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