8 Most Epic Jean-Claude Van Damme Moments

Epic Splits Jcvd With his recent Epic Split video for Volvo becoming an instant viral sensation action star Jean-Claude Van Damme has reminded everyone that he's still as badass as he's ever been. Since his humble beginnings as 'Gay Karate Man' in Monaco Forever to his scene stealing turn in The Expendables 2 he's compiled a pretty long list of similarly epic moments in both Film and TV, such as fighting evil versions of himself, playing ice hockey to prevent a bomb going off and trying to make both Coors Light and a mullet seem cool. No mean feat. Here we've complied 8 of the best, most epic moments in a career that's featured many, starting with a lesson in dancing, Van Damme style.

8. Van Damme... Does A Sexy Drunken Dance / Fight (Kickboxer)

Kb Pic Kickboxer is kind of like a more violent version of The Karate Kid, where Jean-Claude's character must learn kickboxing in order to avenge a vicious attack on his brother. During his training his mischievous trainer takes him to a rough looking bar and keeps buying him shots of a drink dubbed the Kiss of Death. When he's sufficiently smashed his teacher then orders him to start dancing as a test of his balance. What follows is a masterclass in awesomely terrible dancing, as Van Damme struts his stuff in ways that are both very awkward and weirdly endearing. This mixture works so well that two ladies get up and join him. But the regulars soon get annoyed, either with him flirting with their women or more likely his moves, and try to attack him. He seamlessly moves between crappy dancing to sleek fight moves as he takes on all comers, capping it off with a trademark split that kicks two dudes in the face simultaneously. And when it's all over he slinks back to his table to finish his last drink. It's kind of like a regular Saturday night out in a lot of ways.

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