8 Famous Movie Endings People Always Get Totally Wrong

4. Total Recall (1990)

TriStar Pictures

The Ending... Having defeated an evil corporate !*$% and, like, terraformed Mars, Douglas Quad - who has spent much of the movie in a state of perpetual confusion after a "memory implant" operation goes terribly wrong - steps out onto the surface of the new, Earth-like planet, and embraces the girl of his dreams. The movie fades to... white?

What Everybody Thinks... "Thank God that didn't turn out to be dream."

But Wait... "Fade to white," did you say? How many movies do you know that fade to white instead of the classic black? Despite the fact that it's a relatively subtle thing, it's also a great argument for the movie's "it's all a dream, really" theory.

Need more proof? Stick around after the credits, and you'll be treated to a rendition of the movie's "Rekall" melody (Rekall is the company that implants Quaid's memory), further suggesting that nothing happened for real.

So, yes, Quaid was actually just strapped into that chair the whole time. At least when he wakes up he gets to go home to a '90s Sharon Stone.


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