8 Hidden Secrets In Horror Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

6. The Alien Mimics Bigfoot - Signs

Midsommar Florence Pugh
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For anyone familiar with cryptozoology, M. Night Shyamalan's neat little reference to Bigfoot is an easy miss considering it's in the middle of one of the most blood-chilling scenes of the entire movie. And whilst Signs might for the large part be an underrated and misunderstood horror film that has divided audiences down the middle - the source for the Brazilian party alien's footage is still pretty cool to know.

As the alien is caught passing the window of a house on a shaky handheld camera, he emerges from behind a bush in a crouched pose before straightening up and crossing to the other side of a wall. There's not really any reason for this considering his hiding place is precisely the right height, but the slight little bend and splayed arms are a homage to the grainy Patterson-Gimlin film that sees the legendary Bigfoot captured in much the same way.

Considering the nature of the footage in Signs, it's the perfect cross-reference to closest unbelievable home video that we've experienced in real life. That the Bigfoot footage is as often debated as the Signs theory that the aliens are actually demons, which is the true real reading of the film and another hidden secret to boot, just adds that extra bit of shine on the top.

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