8 Incredibly Subtle Movie In-Jokes You Totally Missed

R2d2_star-Trek I'm not entirely sure for whose benefit movie in-jokes exist anymore. I mean, "in-joke" kind of implies that they're only supposed to be funny for the people who were directly involved in their inception, right? And yet in-jokes have been delighting the average movie-goer for a long, long time, because welcome to the 21st century, where things like this are a serious business. Because, c'mon, spotting an in-joke unexpectedly has the power to make you feel somewhat akin to a higher being/movie genius (and serves to reinforce that you, above all, are far more enlightened than all those other schmucks sitting around you in the movie theatre). On the other hand... well, a lot of in-jokes are just thrown in quickly by filmmakers without much thought, and yet we still take pleasure in digging them out. Fact is, the movies are absolutely crammed with all kinds of in-jokes, both visual and audible, some relatively easy to spot, others so secret that it's entirely possible you've got way too far, but God help anyone who tells you otherwise. Nowadays, the internet has dedicated approximately 5% of its overall existence to the searching and unearthing of movie in-jokes, but here's 8 of the particularly subtle kind, all of which probably slipped under your own personal radar, them being so freakin' hard to spot and all...
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