8 Incredibly Subtle Movie In-Jokes You Totally Missed

4. Zombies Party - Hot Fuzz

hot_fuzz_-_zombies_party Each one of director Edgar Wright's movies is packed out with homages and references to the films that inspired him, but the man also has a particular flare for making sly nods to his own works, one of which can be glimpsed in Hot Fuzz, his spoof on the action genre. During the scene where Danny Butterman visits a petrol station, pay close attention to one of the DVD bargain bins that appears on screen for no more than a couple of seconds and you might notice that you recognise the artwork for one of the movies stamped with a £4.99 price tag. And yet you've never seen a movie calling itself Zombie Party, right? That's because this is the cover for Wright's own zombie rom-com Shaun of the Dead, albeit with a sneaky little name change. I don't know what a Zombies Party is, exactly, but it sounds like something to die for (I'm sorry that I made that joke. It's not fair on either of us). Anyway, Zombies Party was (for some reason) the name that was branded on Shaun of the Dead when it got released in a few countries where "Shaun of the Dead" wouldn't make sense. So, yeah.
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