8 Insanely Dangerous Film Shoots That Nearly Killed Their Stars

Pain is temporary. Film is forever.

Apocalypse Now Gif No matter what anyone thinks, making a film can be extremely dangerous. Just think of the average action movie and all elements involved: explosions, fight scenes, blank firing guns and so on. A simple mistake or lapse of concentration in the filming of any of these scenes can lead to serious injuries or, in the most tragic cases, death. Stories emerge all the time of actors or stuntmen being injured onset, and filming being delayed until they heal up. In the recent past Sylvester Stallone - no stranger to being injured while making a film - broke his neck shooting a fight scene in The Expendables. Both Linda Hamilton and Bruce Willis have suffered permanent hearing damage as the result of firing guns without using ear protection, on Terminator 2 and Die Hard respectively. And those are just the tip of the injury iceberg. So while filming a movie can already be a dangerous enterprise at the best of times, some shoots become the stuff of legend for their hellish conditions. This can be the result of the environment it was shot in or an epic clash of egos between the people working on it. Whatever the reason, the behind the scenes stories on these movies rival , or in some cases surpass, the drama seen in the final product. Here are eight movies where it€™s almost a miracle that nobody involved - especially the lead actors - were killed during the production.
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