8 Movies From 2013 That Completely Went Over Audiences' Heads

8. The Wolf Of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese has never been one to back down from controversy and his latest film has become one of the most controversial films of 2013. Part of this is due to the incredible amount of profanity, sex, and drug use seen on screen. In fact, The Wolf Of Wall Street is now the all-time record holder for the most f-bombs dropped in one movie. Due to its rampant depiction of vulgarity, many have seen The Wolf Of Wall Street as glorifying its subjects, the criminals who made a fortune in the 80's and 90's stealing from everyone they could, or at least failing to properly condemn them. The Wolf of Wall Street has not fared particularly well with audiences because of these issues, garnering a dismal C cinemascore, even though it did end up doing decent business financially. Although The Wolf of Wall Street definitely has its flaws, being repetitive and perhaps too stylish in a way, most of the criticisms of this film from audiences are completely unfounded. Scorsese is in now way approving of the behavior seen on film, but most audiences miss the fact that the film takes place from the point of view of Jordan Belfort. From his point of view, the sort of lifestyle he lives is a sort of paradise on Earth, and Scorsese's camera portrays it as such. The point is that most of what the main characters do on-screen is disgusting when you think about it, but most people, if given the chance, would act much the same way.

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