8 Movies Where The US Version DELETED The Best Scenes

1. Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery - Christian Slater's Cameo

Christian Slater
New Line Cinema

The first entry in the routinely side-splitting Austin Powers saga came equipped with some of the most quotable lines in comedy movie history. From never forgetting a pussy... cat to "danger" quite literally being our hero's middle name, it's not hard to see why fans have gorged on Mike Myer's first outing in particular over and over again in the years since its 1997 debut.

However, perhaps one of the most notable sequences in the flick didn't even appear in its American outing! As Powers attempts to get past a familiar looking guard, the International Man of Mystery is forced to delve into his box of tricks. Hypnotising the poor sod played by none other than Christian bloody Slater, Austin convinces him, via some mesmerising eyebrows, that "everything seems to be in order" before ordering him to fetch some orange sherbet.

This, along with a couple of hysterical scenes which depicted families and friends being informed about the deaths of Henchmen, were given the heave-ho by the U.S. in the end.

That being said, Slater's appearance in particular has long since been immortalised around the world, with just about every man and his dog attempting to hypnotise a pal into buying them some orange sherbet at one point or another.

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