8 People You Won't Believe Won Razzie Awards

7. Bill Cosby

Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP
Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP

Bill Cosby was the first black performer to win an Emmy (for I Spy in 1965), but by the time Leonard Part 6 came out in 1987, his career had seen better days. Lots of money, talent and product placements for Coca Cola (which then owned Columbia) went into the film, and it certainly isn€™t lacking for ideas or set pieces €“ they€™re just not very good ideas or very clever set pieces.

Cosby is spy-turned-restauranteur Leonard Parker, who€™s brought out of retirement to track down a €œvegetarian and former ecologist€ with a formula for controlling the minds of various creatures. Said formula turns lobsters, frogs and gophers into crazed killers capable of throwing cars through the air, and only Cosby can save the day with his underarm rocket launcher and flying ostrich.

Nominated in 5 categories, the picture was the big winner at the 8th annual Razzies, receiving trophies for Worst Picture, Worst Screenplay and, of course, Worst Actor. Having previously warned viewers away from the film, Cosby flew Wilson and co up to Lake Tahoe, where the trophies were presented to him.


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