8 Teased Movies That Will ONLY Happen If Upcoming Movies Succeed

7. The Suicide Squad Could Lead To More Solo Spinoffs

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Whenever a new comic-book movie is coming out, there are always going to be questions about possible sequels, spinoffs, and other franchise expansions, and James Gunn's The Suicide Squad is no different.

In fact, this movie has already been expanded, with an HBO Max TV series centred around John Cena's character, Peacemaker, currently in production, with a January 2022 airdate in mind. But if the film itself is a success? Then Peacemaker won't be the only member of the team who gets their own spinoff.

That's because Gunn - who wrote and directed the movie, and is spearheading the Peacemaker series - has even more spinoffs in mind, which, presumably, will see him branch off with individual characters, just like he's doing with Peacemaker.

Gunn revealed this information in a short Twitter exchange with a fan, and while he doesn't discuss specifics, you have to imagine that Warner Bros will greenlight anything he puts forward, as long as The Suicide Squad is a big hit.

Gunn has already been given a lot of creative freedom, and considering how well he's handled Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy movies, it seems like he can do no wrong.


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