8 Worst Slasher Horror Movie Fakeout Endings

7. Scream VI

Hello Mary Lou Prom Night Ii 1987

During Scream VI's first two acts, the story nicely builds, there's some cracking kills, and the new, intense Ghostface makes for an intriguing threat for our protagonists. That said, the third act did sour horror hounds, with many feeling like the picture didn't quite stick its landing.

In that final act, there was of course the fakeout reveal that Mason Gooding's Chad Meeks-Martin wasn't actually as dead as we were all led to believe.

Granted, the survival of Chad here - and in 2022's Scream - is seemingly a concerted effort to present him as the Dewey Riley of this new generation of heroes, but this survival of Gooding's character felt like a step too far.

As Scream VI enters its final 15 minutes, Chad is stabbed approximately 12 times (your writer has just rewatched that scene for this sole purpose) by two Ghostfaces. Sure, we've seen other characters stabbed several times and survive their respective films, but the sheer speed and number of wounds dished out to Chad here made it impossible for him not to have kicked the bucket.

So, when Chad is miraculously shown still alive during Scream VI's closing moments, it's a move too implausible to be anything if not a little silly from writers James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick.

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