9 Awesome Trilogies Made From Completely Unrelated Films

9. The Cornetto Trilogy

CornettoThe Films: Shaun Of The Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2006) and The World€™s End (2013). Why So Awesome: Edgar Wright€™s British comedy trilogy has only just drawn to a close, but it€™s already a classic. It€™s been almost a decade since Shaun Of The Dead hit cinemas and, along with Hot Fuzz, became a mainstay of sleepovers, parties and hungover afternoons. These seemingly simple comedies not only took some of Hollywood€™s prolific genres and tore them apart, but created a new view of Britain that has entered the popular zeitgeist in a similar manner to Trainspotting in the nineties. The World€™s End doesn't quite scale the heights of its predecessors, but goes damn close. If Shaun was taking on zombies and Fuzz was an action pastiche, The World€™s End is really riffing on Edgar Wright movies, twisting the (admittedly small) genre we all know. Thankfully, that€™s not as self indulgent as it sounds. Sure, the action feels like forced segues rather than natural comedy and I personally would have been happy without the sci-fi element, but as meta end to the trilogy, it€™s brilliant.

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