9 Bizarre Minor Movie Cameos Made By Massive Actors

7. Jon Hamm Swinging By To (Presumably) Set Up A Sequel For The A-Team

Jon Hamm The A Team
20th Century Fox

2010's The A-Team was a surprisingly enjoyable film with just enough cheek to get by. It also boasted a pretty noteworthy cast - Liam Neeson just off Taken, an on-the-rise Bradley Cooper, District 9's hot-stuff Sharlto Copley, perennial action love-interest Jessica Biel - which was a pretty good thing given the plot was essentially a feature-length version of the original opening credits.

The villain for most of the film is Patrick Wilson's Agent Lynch, a purposely rather generic CIA suit who's behind the soldiers-for-hire's initial incarceration, but after he's been stopped with an elaborate version of a Three Cup Shuffle Magic Trick, it's revealed there's much bigger things at play, with a new Lynch popping up. And this one's played by Jon Hamm.

Don Draper pops up for just one scene and is uncredited. Presumably he was meant to appear in the sequel as a baddie with a little bit more personality, but after the movie spluttered at the box office (it made back its budget, but not much more) that was scrapped, leaving one of the oddest minute cameos out there.


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