9 Classic Movies With Insane Unofficial Sequels

8. Children Of The Living Dead

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The producers of Night Of The Living Dead famously messed up their copyright on the movie – by registering it under the original title Night Of The Flesh Eaters - meaning any idiot was free to make an unofficial follow-up or distribute it; which is why there are around 256 different versions of it available on DVD.  

While George Romero went on to make five sequels himself, the original producers also sought to cash-in, so in 2001 they made Children Of The Living Dead, a wretched no-budget offering about a mega-zombie terrorising a small town. Make-up artist and living legend Tom Savini appears in the opening as a likable, charismatic hero, only to be immediately killed so a cast of non-entities can take his place.

Everything from the acting, direction, editing and audio mix is terrible, and it feels like an unbearably long fan movie. The director apologised for it years later, claiming the producer’s constant interference and insistence on hiring amateur friends to be on the crew contributed to making it such a mess. 

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