9 Horror Movies Everyone Remembers For One Scene

5. Deep Blue Sea - Sudden Death

Carrie Sissy Spacek
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Deep Blue Sea was a pretty unremarkable piece of filmmaking, all things considered.

It might not be the most interesting, nor the scariest, nor even particularly entertaining, but it certainly isn't likely to be forgotten any time soon.

Why, you ask?

Well, if you need to ask, you probably haven't seen it. And if you've seen it, you'll know exactly what it is.

Samuel L. Jackson is easily the movie's biggest star, and upon realising that they've been trapped by genetically engineered sharks, the team all turn to his character, Russell Franklin, for a rousing speech.

Franklin doesn't get far into his monologue, though. A few short lines in, a shark leaps from the nearby water and rips him clean in half.

Reportedly, Jackson hated the speech as he was supposed to deliver it. According to the movie's VFX supervisor Jeff Okun, it was seven pages long, and Jackson was forced to deliver what Okun described as "some of the worst dialogue you've ever heard in your life".

Thus, the shocking moment was born. Devised as a means to cut a painfully boring speech short, it also proved to be the birth of Deep Blue Sea's only memorable moment.

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