9 Horror Movies That Couldn't Live Up To Their Awesome Opening

9. Final Destination 2

New Line Cinema

The Final Destination franchise is mostly just big daft fun, bringing every weirdly worrisome intrusive thought you've ever had into glorious, bloody technicolour as its characters are offed in increasingly unfortunate ways. Whether it's being cooked alive on a sun bed or being impaled by a chance flying wrench, the series has prided itself on being as ridiculous as it is drenched in viscera.

And whilst that's the best way to approach its premise, this causes a big problem for the first sequel to grace our screens since it doesn't quite know what to do with itself after its incredible opening act. Depicting a car pile up that sees our protagonists offed in a multitude of gruesome ways - including the infamous log smashing through a car windscreen - the opening of Final Destination 2 far surpasses the confused mess the rest of the movie turns out to be.

Being fair, there's some exceptionally solid death scenes in the film, but the narrative toys around too heavily with its own rules to be anything as coherent and enjoyable as the opening few minutes. The simplicity of entertaining us with a big nasty collective death is a pure adrenaline shot of the franchise, one that always feels hard to get back to with one-off accidents as the film carries on.


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