9 Horror Movies That Couldn't Live Up To Their Awesome Opening

These films start strong, but then limp across the finish line...


Horror movie openings are almost always a thing of beauty, depending on the whole beholder thing, since they're crafted to pull you straight into the heart of the grisly action. It's standard practise for us to be offered up a nameless victim to be gleefully torn apart by whatever big bad is raining down terror for the duration of the runtime, giving us a little taster of what is to come should we stick around past the title cards.

And whilst some films can offer up this spooky morsel fantastically well without ever letting up on the tension throughout - as can be seen in Jaws, or It: Chapter One for example - there's plenty out there that blow their load far too early without delivering on the goods. Typical, eh?

Whether it's a case of unknowingly using their best set piece before we've even warmed up, or whether our expectations were so raised by a banger of an opening that we didn't know what to do with ourselves for the rest, these are the films that thoroughly wasted what potential they promised. Starting with a bang means nothing when you finish on a wet fizzle...


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