9 Iconic Cult Film Distributors

Tumblr Lnn09xjkup1qzr8nao1 500 Gif Whether it is art house or Grind house, every cult movie fan depends upon their distributors to provide the goods. Distributors are crucial to the way we look at film - from its presentation on the screen to the quality of its commentaries and DVD extras. Distributors also decide what films they are going to commit to DVD. This could be the difference between coming by a cool movie or missing out on a hidden gem. Thankfully, more and more cult film distributors have popped up in recent years and the exploitation or art house film has never been so available - Particularly if you live in America or buy a Region Free DVD player. How my life was opened by the purchase of the latter! I have films I thought I would never see.

9. Synapse Films

Synpases Films Synapse was founded in 1997 by a trio of film aficionados. They specialise in cleaning up and restoring works of cult cinema that look pretty shoddy or exist on videotape. Their output is impressive and their obvious love for the films and what they do shines through. Synapse's output includes some integral cult classics like Patrick, Entrails of a Virgin, Street Trash, Singapore Sling, Lucker the Necrophogas, Maniac Cop and Frankenhooker.
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