9 Most Gruesome Deaths In Anime

1. Living Autopsy - Genocyber

Angel Cop Gore
Manga Entertainment

Oh boy, Genocyber.

This anime is possibly the most nihilistic piece of animation in existence, and seemingly exists solely so the creator can show people dying horribly. It doesn’t matter if it's men, women or children; all must suffer. Heads are crushed, bodies are ripped apart and pretty much everyone has a terrible time.

The show has become infamous for its graphic violence and confusing story, but it’s basically about an evil scientist trying to turn a psychic girl into a monster. His search for her leads him to a hospital, where he sends his creepy masked henchmen to kill everyone - for some reason - and they do a very thorough job.

In fact, the last victim is a detective that tries to help the girl, who awakens after the massacre to find himself chained to a bed. He looks down in horror to find that he’s been completely sliced open, leaving his intestines and vital organs exposed.

We don’t see him again after that, but presumably, he didn’t survive.

Can you think of any more ultra gruesome anime death scenes? Share them in the comments thread.

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