9 Movie Prequels That Revealed Genuine Surprises

The story you already knew may still have some surprises.

X Men First Class Michael Fassbender James
20th Century Fox

Since we’re living in an era dominated by sequels, reboots, spin-offs and reboot-quels audiences tend to get a little fatigued with it all. Prequels might be the most maligned of the bunch, since few franchises benefit from exploring the past. Does The Thing become any better because the prequel showed how that axe got stuck on the wall, or does Wolverine become more a badass because his memory got wiped by adamantium bullets?

In most cases, prequels are made solely to milk more pennies from a franchise, but that’s not to say they all suck. A few prequels have actually tried to expand on the original films, presenting fresh twists on old characters and showing a new angle on events.

Of course, it’s still debatable if these films need to exist at all, but at least these surprises go some way towards justifying their existence.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest surprises contained within these prequels, and how they impact the original movies.


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