9 Positive Realisations From Re-Watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi

8. The Placement Of Old Favourites


Like other blockbusters with a long history to draw on, one of the biggest issues in the new Star Wars movies is ensuring that the old favourites get a chance to shine alongside their newer (and surely more important) counterparts. In The Force Awakens, R2-D2 spent most of the film mysteriously in 'low power mode' and C-3PO was present but in a minimal role, mostly grumbling about his red arm. Chewbacca was luckier, but he too got more to do of note in The Last Jedi (more on that later).

Overall, each of these characters get more screen time than in The Force Awakens and get as much of a chance to shine as could possibly be expected without shoehorning them in uncomfortably. R2-D2 gets a chance to show off his fiesty humour, and his years in the franchise are emphasised in his dialogue with Luke and ability to include Leia's message from the original installment. BB-8 might have taken over in the action department, but we are forcibly reminded of the impact of old R2's history. C-3PO even gets the chance to throw his arms in the air and scream a protest in classic style - far more himself than in The Force Awakens.

Any more might have been too much, but these old favourites do get their chance to shine and take appropriate amounts of prominence, far more than in Episode VII.


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