9 Ridiculous Upcoming Cinematic Universes

7. Hanna-Barbara Shared Universe

Universal Monsters 2.jpg
Hanna–Barbera Productions

Hanna-Barbera is the animation studio that brought you The Flintstones, Yogi Bear, The Jetsons, The Smurfs, Jonny Quest and just about any other beloved childhood cartoon you care to mention. They recently announced they'll be updating their biggest shows for a new generation, starting with a Scooby Doo reboot called S.C.O.O.B in 2018.

Not much is known about this new version (maybe Scooby is a robot now?), or even what other cartoons they’ll be rebooting and mixing together, but the exciting news is these movies will be hand drawn and traditionally animated, which is an art form that has come worryingly close to dying out in recent years.

We'll have to wait and see if audiences are pining for traditionally animated films (hopefully the answer is yes) and if this plan works out. wouldn't it be lovely to see a handcrafted Flintstones movie sometime in the near future?


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