9 Sci-Fi Movie Sequels That Insulted Great Characters

8. Peter Parker - Spider-Man 3

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Yes, it was a core part of the narrative that Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker acted like a total asshat in Spider-Man 3, but Sony Pictures went so hard on that angle that the masses completely despised him.

With the Venom symbiote introduced in Spider-Man 3, there was always going to be a darker, more aggressive edge to ol' Web-head in this third outing for Maguire's Spidey - that being part and parcel of Peter's time in the black suit - yet this was comically bad in how it handled the corrupting of Parker.

The end result saw a dancing, smirking emo Peter Parker who was a total prick to anybody close to him, and even the most well thought out of redemption arcs would've struggled to have any of the Wall-crawler's nearest and dearest ever again give him the time of day.

Combine this depiction of Peter Parker with an overdone sympathetic villain angle for Sandman, a ham-fisted Venom, and a disappointing resolution for Harry Osborn, and it's no wonder that Sony eventually pulled the plug on this particular cinematic incarnation of Spider-Man. The film fell way short of the sort of quality seen in the impressive Spider-Man and the phenomenal Spider-Man 2.

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