Alien: Covenant Prologue - 12 Things You Probably Missed

James Franco = Jesus.

Alien Covenant James Franco Jesus
Warner Sallman

Alien: Covenant hits cinemas on May 19th, and the marketing push is beginning to ramp up with a near-five-minute prologue scene, entitled The Last Supper, posted online to get fans acquainted with the new ship's cast of characters.

Though fan response to the prologue has been wildly mixed, it's a clever move to get some of the movie's heavy lifting out of the way character-wise, and if nothing else it certainly musters more intrigue about the direction the Prometheus follow-up will go in.

Hell, the characters already seem more likeable than the ones in Prometheus, so that's a major plus, right? True to form, Ridley Scott has ensured this brief sequence (directed by his son Luke) is jam-packed full of nods, references and Easter eggs for franchise fanatics to salivate over, and there's a good chance you missed at least a few of them.


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