Aquaman: 22 Easter Eggs & References Explained

4. The Fast & The Furious

Furious 7

Because referencing The Conjuring franchise wasn't enough cute back-patting for Wan, he also included a few nods to his work on the Fast and the Furious franchise.

For starters, when Aquaman and Mera wash up on the Sahara desert and emerge from the sea in slow-motion, Pitbull's ear-assaulting remix of Toto's "Africa" blares out.

Wan has confirmed that this was intended as a tip of the hat to the exuberant style and musical choices of the Fast and the Furious movies: "Having made a Fast & Furious movie, it was kind of fun to see the characters come out of the water in slow motion with this hip-hop music in the background."

And of course, let's not forget that Arthur and Mera jump out of a plane moments later in a wildly reckless fashion which distinctly recalls the parachuting cars sequence from Wan's Furious 7.

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