Army Of The Dead: Every Crew Member Ranked Worst To Best

8. Mikey Guzman

Army of the Dead Poster

Now, here's a character who truly fell from grace, as he came into the movie with a tonne of promise thanks to his erratic energy, quirky personality and exciting set-up, but as the film progressed, he fell by the wayside.

Guzman - played by Raul Castillo - was recruited into the team as a semi-celebrity with experience in zombie killing. He had a big presence online for killing the flesh-eating beasties on YouTube but had a real danger to him, as he seemed to love nothing better than shooting things in the head. At first, this worked well, as his unpredictable energy made him a wild card character.

Soon, things got even more interesting for him, as the death of his friend Chambers looked like it would be a significant piece of development for the character. However, as soon as the scene was over, he devolved into being a bland background character with barely any lines and no memorable screen time.

Even his death was lacklustre, as there was little gore involved, and he went out in an explosion of his own devices. If Guzman had stayed on track, he'd have ranked a lot higher, but he lags behind the rest thanks to his waste of potential.


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