Avengers Infinity War: 10 Predictions That Were Entirely Wrong

9. There Wasn't A Single Mention Of Skrulls

Andy Park/Marvel Studios

Though we've barely got to grips with Marvel's latest big bad, fans have spent years trying to figure out how the presumed next major set of antagonists, the Skrulls, could factor into both Infinity War and its sequel.

Though they haven't been mentioned in relation to either of those movies, we do know that they're definitely going to show up in Captain Marvel. With that in mind, the prediction was that the Skrulls' influence would at least be felt in the latest movie, potentially setting them up to be the major threat of the untitled Avengers 4.

This also led to speculation that the Secret Wars storyline - one of the biggest cosmic game changers in the comic-book mythos - was going to be the thrust of the next sequel.

As it stands, that's probably not going to happen, as Avengers 4 is very much looking like Infinity War Part 2, despite what Marvel have claimed.


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