Avengers: Infinity War - 10 Secret Details Revealed Since Release

So, the rumours WERE true...

Soul World Infinity War
Marvel Studios

As Zack Snyder and JK Rowling will tell you, sometimes, the most revealing details of a piece of art can often come not when it's first experienced by its audience, but later - sometimes years after release. That's why Snyder's Vero leaks about the DCEU are so popular and why Pottermore is a thing: fans want to learn more.

And such is the popularity of Avengers: Infinity War - which is well on its way to making a stunning amount of money at the box office - that that desire is already burning brightly in the fan-base. It might not be the most critically adored MCU movie, by any means but the experience of watching it was so visceral and so successful in its agenda to make us FEEL, that it's almost taken on a life beyond normal film reception.

Thanks to its ending - one of the most provocative movie moments ever - it will be the most talked about movie of the year. It might well be of the decade and it certainly is of the MCU to date. And that sort of currency has a way of making fans want more details to help add to their experience.

Theories have been posited, rumours sifted over and wild predictions hungrily gobbled up, but they can't compete with straight, hard facts and there have been a good number of those revealed since the release too...

Inevitably, spoilers follow.


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