Batman: Every Live-Action Gotham City Ranked Worst To Best

10. Batman '66 & Batman: The Movie

Batman Forever Gotham City

While these days it's all about brooding, brutal Batmen, that wasn't always the case. Premiering in 1966, ABC's live-action Batman show brought a vibrancy and campness to Batman and Robin that's the polar opposite of Messrs Bale, Affleck and Patterson.

Played by Adam West and Burt Ward, this take on the Dynamic Duo largely mirrored the comic books of the day. Granted, there was an added level of humour to West and Ward's Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder, yet this was at a time when the comic-book Batman and Robin had long been neutered and given ludicrous 'villain of the week' tales.

Due to the very nature of the show and the subsequent spin-off movie, so much of the '66 Batman consists of classic soundstage sets. As such, a lot of the action takes place indoors of rickety sets, or the 'outside' scenes will merely have formulaic backdrops in place rather than take place out in the wild.

There were a few more outside antics and city-covering panning shots in Batman: The Movie, but even then what was seen was simply just the real-life California.


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