Batman: Every Screen Batmobile Ranked From Best To Worst

2. Batmobile - The Brave And The Bold

Rather than trying to break out as a new Batman cartoon by doing a new twist on the Animated Series, The Brave And The Bold went one better. It decided to pretend that it had never happened, sticking its fingers in it ears and running away shouting into a world where Bruce Wayne doesn't really exist, his tragic origin story is rarely mentioned, and Batman spends the majority of his time as a wisecracking, proper superhero teaming up with obscure DC characters to take down equally esoteric supervillains. It's one of our favourite depictions of Batman, a welcome rest from the constant brooding and sad faces, letting him just cut loose and have a bit of a laugh whilst tossing batarangs into Mirror Master's face rather than thinking about how every bad guy he captures makes up for his dead parents. We're big fans of Batman: The Brave And The Bold, just in case that wasn't clear. Which means that it's with an exceptionally heavy heart that we have to lay in so harshly to its Batmobile. Because its dreadful. Truly, truly awful. We would've been happier with the Dark Knight hot tailing it everywhere by foot, or else using Gotham's surprisingly good public transportation system. Anything that doesn't involve carting himself around in a bungled CGI mobile with his own face plastered at the front of it like a narcissistic cow gate. The Brave And The Bold car does the same trick of Dawn Of Justice, taking inspiration from previous Batmobiles, but does it terribly: the front looks silly, as does the fin cribbed from the Schumacher films, and don't get us started on the half-inched domed windscreen from the West car. When Adam was behind it, it looked wonderfully sixties and camp. Here it looks like a couple of translucent tits. And not in a good way.
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