Batman V Superman Final Trailer Breakdown - 30 Things You Need To See

Things get personal and Wonder Woman talks!

The Final Trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has no right being this good. It's the fourth extended look at a movie just over a month away from release whose previous trail gave away what is presumably a major third act twist and boasts an awful lot of new footage. But despite all that, it is probably the best piece of advertising for the film so far. Perhaps somewhat in reaction to the backlash over the whole Dumbsday scandal, this trailer puts the focus firmly on the titular fight, with little pushing of the Justice Dawning and nary a mutated Kryptonian to be seen. Instead, this is all about Batman kicking ass, Superman dominating in hand-to-hand combat and generally fleshing out the tensions between the two superhero icons. There is a lot of new stuff in here, with the usual clues to the plot and what we might expect in terms of future instalments littered throughout. So let's get to it - here are the thirty most important things you need to see from the trailer (ignoring all the repeated footage because we've alreadyanalysed that heavily before).

30. The Batwing In Flight

The trailer opens with an extended sequence of Batman in action (which will probably be how we're introduced to him in the film too). We've actually seen very little of this version of the Caped Crusader just doing his vigilante thing (bar a couple of quick shots), so this is pretty eye-opening. We kick off seeing the Batwing flying through Gotham. This version is a lot more typically comic faithful than Nolan's one and (if you stretch) could be argued to look like a bat. One note: it flying across the sky in profile is reflective of the ship in Tim Burton's film.
We've seen this shot of the Batwing closing in on some target before, although it's only now clear what's actually going on - it's approaching a warehouse full of goons Batman is going to take down.

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